Under New Management. The Unexpected Truths About Leading Great Organizations

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Author(s): David Burkus

Published: 2016

Report Published: 17th May 2016

QUAKE Magnitude: 4.5

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Field Survey

If a book ever were “like a box of chocolates” this one’s coffee flavoured. Some people reading Under New Management will scream treason, whilst others will savour its bittersweet undertones that soothe rather than sour the palate.

Why such a polemic? Well, this book is unashamedly different, even stylishly so, to just about every other organisational management book you have come across recently. Hence its coffee taste is not for everyone… but it should be!

Written in a sleek storytelling fashion, it would be easy to dismiss Under New Management as a “fairy tale” of anecdotal evidence suitable for a company that only exists in our wildest imagination, but in doing so you’d be making a grave mistake. Burkus’ work is well-researched and combines business and academic case studies to illustrate time and time again that whilst traditional management undoubtedly functions, it may be limiting success rather than driving it!

Is this book for you? Yes, if you are after that little something to feed your entrepreneurial spirit, particularly if you are convinced that there is a little more juice to be squeezed from your company’s performance. In which case, I cannot recommend it highly enough… just ask Quest Nutrition President and CEO Tom Bilyeu


“Unlimited vacation isn’t about days off. It’s about trust.”

“Revealing pay information can actually increase performance, especially among top performers.”

“The fuel running most organizations today isn’t brute labor – it’s mental energy.”

QUAKE Moment

Once I realised that this book could really make a difference to the way companies are run, I knew I needed to get it into the right hands so I could impact more people than those in my immediate circle, who aren’t necessarily best placed to take advantage of its insights.

Convinced that it would be criminal NOT to tell my friend Tom Bilyeu about this book, I wrote to him and put him in touch with David Burkus. The power and usefulness of being a connector is not to be underestimated. If we really believe a book will be helpful to someone else we should tell them about it, or even buy them a copy. QUAKE Books is about building a community of people trying to get that little bit better every day and we all have a role in building and nourishing it!


I’d personally like to think that Quest Nutrition makes it as a case study in David’s next book and that the lives of those employees are touched, thanks, in a tiny way, to my desire to reach out and help others, even if I don’t receive any obvious benefit.

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