The School of Greatness: A real-world guide to living bigger, loving deeper, and leaving a legacy

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Agent: Tracy Scott

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Author(s): Lewis Howes

Published: 2015

Report Published: 24th May 2016

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In his book, Lewis uses his story to clearly articulate a plan that anyone can use in their life in order to be successful, if they dare to dream big enough. He is a compassionate truth-teller that does not shy away from difficult conversations.

Each of the book’s eight chapters reflects a master lesson in greatness with powerful stories to support the lessons learned. They include mastering your body, practicing positive habits and developing hustle. For anyone that is not familiar with Lewis Howes, he is a former professional Arena League football player and founder and host of the School of Greatness Podcast, which hit 25 million downloads in November 2016, so he is an excellent role model for achieving excellence.

The School of Greatness essentially reads like the text book that I wish I had in high school. If you would like to understand how you can go from a broke sleeping on your sister’s couch, to a New York Times bestselling author, with a multi-million-dollar online media company to boot then this book is for you!



“Research has shown that the happiest and most thriving people are those who spend their time giving back, helping others, and participating actively in their communities. In fact, the best gifts are the ones you give; they make your own achievements that much more fulfilling.”

“Without a real vision, we lack identity. Having a real vision isn’t just about clarifying what you want; it’s about defining what and who you want to be.”

“To be good at something requires talent, vision, and action. Greatness is what remains when that talent and vision meet adversity—and persist in the face of it.”


QUAKE Moment

I was quite familiar with the concepts of the master lessons presented before I read The School of Greatness but I wasn’t living all of them out fully.

The lesson about living a life of service was particularly compelling for me. I’d heard many people speak about this, but wasn’t really feeling it. I felt I was already living a life of service, as someone that has worked in healthcare for most of their life. In that sense, I’ve always had high expectations of myself in delivering services that people truly need, in a manner that suits them best. Yet, despite this knowledge and experience in service, I wasn’t seeing the results in my own life. I wasn’t able to live the life I truly wanted to live. In other words my service to others wasn’t serving me.

The QUAKE moment came when I began to understand how creating a life of greatness, was really about creating the life I wanted to live on my terms. It helped me see where service plays an important part. Helping patients and providing them with products and services they needed, was a feel-good way to make a living and whilst I wanted to continue to do it, I now felt that I should do it in a way that allows me to focus on what I want too.



After reading the book I took a few steps backwards and revisited some of the first lessons that Lewis presents. I began a regular gratitude practice and spent more time getting my body into the shape I wanted it to be in.

Since reading The School of Greatness, I have re-discovered my personal strength, left an abusive relationship and allowed myself the time to get to know my deepest desires again. The concept of living a life of service became fully entrenched during this period and helped me understand which steps I needed to take to create the life I want as a fitness trainer and teacher.

Since reading this book I have decided to share my story in a way that would also provide me with an income. I weighed over 300 lbs at my heaviest. I know that isn’t healthy and I know now that through being a personal trainer I can prevent other people from going down that some road. I can also help people who have already ventured down it. In that way, I can authentically live a life of service on my terms – I am so glad I read this book and discovered that all important truth. It has set me free.

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