The Game of Adversity

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Author(s): Nick DiNardo

Published: 2015

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 1.5

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Field Survey

The Game of Adversity is a whistle stop tour of the underlying philosophy that lies at the foundation of QUAKE Books. Fittingly, DiNardo talks passionately about many of the authors responsible for some of the tremendous bookquakes unveiled here back at HQ… Ryan Holiday, Norman Doidge, Carol Dweck, Leo Babauta, Malcolm Gladwell and Tim Ferriss… the distinguished list goes on.

The quotes are inspiring, the tips extremely useful and I can clearly see Nick’s intentions, which is why this book, so frustratingly, could and should have been so much more! Simply put, Nick had the best paints and the ultimate canvas in his possession, but his brush strokes let him down with somewhat clumsy storytelling, which as repetitive as it is disjointed in parts.

The result? A great introduction for those new to non-fiction reading habits, as it will give insights into the kind of books that will make a difference to your attitude and journey of life learning, but one which will, unfortunately, fall short of most people’s expectations.


“A life without challenge is not only a life not worth living but also a life devoid of meaning.”

“Poker players are good not because they have the best hands but because they know how to play the shitty ones.”

“Life is more about doing our best to acquire wisdom.”

QUAKE Moment

The tremor happened when, on closing a book, I smiled at the thought that someone the other side of the world from me could have been impacted by the same authors and lifestyle choices that led me to create QUAKE Books. I am almost certain that Nick arrived at that similar sentiment of wanting to share life shifting moments when he wrote and published his book. He is truly a man after my own heart.


Nick’s ability to navigate one massive bookquake after another makes him, in my opinion, one of QUAKE Books’ Top Agents, not to mention lifestyle coaches, so I hope that he will write a QUAKE Report for the benefit of all of us here. I also hope that Nick, being the learner that he is, can draw encouragement from this review and make his second book all the better for it.


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