Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time, Live More, and Enhance Happiness

slipstream_time_hacking_cover_300x3711Author(s): Benjamin Hardy

Published: 2015

Report Published: 30th November 2016

Quake Magnitude: 8.8 major quake stamp_100x36

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Field Survey

What Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar did for the concept of time in cinema, Slipstream Time Hacking did for books. In other words, those that get it will get it in a big way and those that don’t, will either wonder what the fuss is about or, disagree it with vehemently. Assuming you are in the first category, then prepare to be fast tracked by Hardy, as he launches a space rocket full of weapons into the path of all things linear: measurements, growth/achievements and relationships.

The ideas presented in this book may not be completely new, if you are already a Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World disciple or a fan of Greg Mckeown’s Essentialism, yet Hardy writes in a way that grabs and shakes you, which is of course the very definition of a QUAKE book, isn’t it?

If you can, pardon the pun, hack it, then Slipstream Time Hacking is an invitation to enjoy multiple lifetimes. And, should you let it, the concepts presented will turn your hours into days, when measured in terms of distance accomplished and not the tick tock of a clock. In short, it will become the accelerator pedal that throttles you years into your future. It will certainly shatter whatever glass ceiling that you thought lay above you.

Consequently, this book is for anyone who wants to rack up opportunities faster than Justin Timberlake’s character in In Time, without the arm wrestles. It is written for the QUAKE Books Agent still shackled to whatever planetary occurrence they perceive to be holding them back. Just don’t worry if it doesn’t resonate with all the friends you lend it to, some minds will be blown, whilst others will wonder what on Earth it was all about – and that is OK!


“If the goals you are pursuing do not require wormholes, your approach to life is far too small.”

“By changing the present, the past can be reshaped and the future altered.”

“When you commit to something 100%, all of your future choices are already made – no matter how attractive the circumstances.”

QUAKE Moment

For me personally, this book entered my existence with a bang and even though it fizzled out towards the end, the supernova was already born. It came down to only simple question of an answer that I am yet to fathom. Why on Earth, another pun intended, do we measure a lifetime in terms of the sequential passing of an agreed standard set by, let’s face it, the British, instead of distance travelled, which is how light years are calculated. I once asked my mentor Tom Bilyeu how he would change the way he lived his life if he and his wife could live for a 1000 years. Turns out he is already living 1000 years relative to other people. If you haven’t already got a mentor, I cannot tell you how important they are and how much this book clarified this for me.


Too many to count. This book sent Hardy’s and my life on a collision path. For me, nothing has been the same since. My planet is rotating faster already and I hope you my dearest Agents are enjoying the ride with me! As for the total number of aftershocks, really I could not say – ask me in a 1000 non-linear years.

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