The Rise of the Humans: How to Outsmart the Digital Deluge


Author(s): David Coplin

Published: 2014

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 3.6

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Field Survey

Coplin, as the Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft UK, no doubt sees the interaction between humans and computers in a myriad of colours. Unsurprising, therefore, in a book where he challenges us to use computer tools to enhance the skills that make us human and our societies prosper, no black and white solutions are offered.

Jeff Hoffman inspired me in an interview to read a different type of book, beyond my normal operating boundaries, in order to obtain inspiration which will serve in the long run and I am glad I picked this one.

The Rise of the Humans is a taster session to the 21st century technology/human interface, which will trigger your intrigue and speak to your intellect. From here you can follow various reading paths, depending on which chapter spoke to you the most. Without spoiling it for you, my fellow Field Agents, here are some potential subsequent steps in your learning process: Deep Work, The Most Human Human and The Master Algorithm.

Do file me a Field Note letting me know which one you picked…


“We need to stop thinking about today’s tools because they will most likely not be the tools of tomorrow. Instead we need to focus on skills.”

“When you advertised your product, you didn’t advertise the complexities of your organisational structure or the processes you have adopted or been forced to use.”

“Sometimes disruption is the next big idea.”

Quake Moment

The Rise of the Humans gave me two pieces of a puzzle that I needed to see in order to get the bigger picture. It linked me to two unconnected individuals who were on the fridge of my network, but that I never knew existed. It turns out that both of them had written a book and explored in greater detail the snippets that Coplin had unearthed.


I can’t be entirely sure with one. Field Agents what were yours?

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