Originals – How Non-Conformists Move The World

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Author(s): Adam Grant

Published: 2016

Report Published: 31st May 2016

Quake Magnitude: 6.7

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Field Survey

Adam Grant is a master at weaving empirical evidence with beautiful storytelling. Consequently, Originals offers surprising case studies, spanning business, sports, politics, and entertainment that challenge our previous convictions and the generally accepted status quo. It is a complete debunk of any assumptions you may have about talent and success.

In short, this book really takes an intriguing look at human potential and the development of ideas into action by following the most important moments of the great thinkers and icons of our time including Picasso and Martin Luther King Jr.

Furthermore, and after creating space for the reader to appreciate the fine art and science behind innovation and expertise, Grant goes on to effortlessly provide tactical advice on how to recognize good ideas, how to speak up in meetings, how to choose the right time to act, and how to manage risk.

Originals is for any Quake Book Agent who looks to lead others or leave their mark on the world and who is not afraid to throw out the rule book in order to do so.


“The great originals of the world have more bad ideas than their peers because they simply have more ideas, and that’s how they stumble onto the good ones.”

“Being original is doing things that are not only novel, but also useful. You can’t just be weird. You have to do something new that has quality other people recognize.”

“Being original is simply about coming up with ideas for how the world can become better. Whether it’s from frustration or righteous indignation, everybody has those insights. Then it’s having the courage to act on it.”

Quake Moment

The following quote sums up how this book created a “Quake Moment” within me: “I thought to be an entrepreneur you have to be a risk-taker and you have to be all in. And what I didn’t realize at the time was, first of all, successful entrepreneurs are much more likely to play it safe and have back-up plans than failed entrepreneurs; and secondly, all of the time they spent working on other things gives people the freedom to do something really original.”

That quote really has become part of my personal mantra and shook up how I see the world and how I operate as a learning leader, who through my podcast constantly asks the question “Are Leaders born or are they raised?” In finding answers to that all important question I have been both enabled and an enabler for all my listeners who, like me, strive to inhale knowledge and exhale success.”


Adam Grant, through this book, has changed my expectations and altered what I thought it meant to be original. Between risk management, idea generation, and creativity, I now have a much better understanding of the science behind success. This book has convinced me to see the world differently. It has inspired me to be more creative and thanks to his insights I can state that I am now more willing and able to share my voice and lessons learned. Without a doubt, my business leadership podcast, The Learning Leader Show, is better because of Originals.


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