Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time (Revised Edition)


Author(s): Keith Ferrazzi & Tahl Raz

Published: 2014

Report Published: On Launch

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Field Survey

Never Eat Alone is a well thought-out book written with a lot of love. For me, the most important and impacting part is “Section 1: The Mindset”. Needless to say, without that in order you won’t be able to craft a network that you can offer value to and which will, ultimately, be of benefit. The subsequent sections are detailed pointers on how to establish a networking skillset to turn what most people have as loose connections into friends you would like to help and vice versa.

I don’t agree with being glued to the phone, emails and social media, something Ferrazzi and Raz promote, because I think most people, in following such advice to the letter, would be endlessly distracted and get nothing else done. That said who’s to say that you cannot adapt their suggestions into a model that works for you by building courage and meaningful connections around the dinner table.

If you are on the shy side or have just woken up to the fact that your thousands of contacts across your various social media pages mean nothing to you, then this is the book you need to read to turn that around. There is the old saying that “It is not what you know but who you know” and whilst I would argue that you in fact need both, everyone knows that the people who use it to complain about their misfortune aren’t working to bring value to their extended circles. If you resonate with that sentiment, do yourself a favour buy the book or get yourself a copy at the library. No more excuses, for using the old “who you know” chestnut, please!


“Reaching out to others is not a numbers game. Your goal is to make genuine connections with people you can count on.”

“Too often, we get caught up efficiently doing ineffective things, focusing solely on the work that will get us through the day.”

“Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin, gets fifty cold emails a day from people who want to pitch him. Do you know how many of these pitches he’s invested in? Zero, because he’s got fifty more pitches from people who come recommended.”

QUAKE Moment

The QUAKE happened when I sat reading and realised I hadn’t spoken to anyone outside my immediate family for a week. That’s not a problem if you aren’t looking for opportunities to grow! Mmm. That day I got straight on my emails and asked my university professor (who teaches innovation) out for a dinner so we could discuss his favourite books. What can I say, other than something must have sparked! Never Eat Alone also gave me the courage to express my gratitude to Inside Quest for their weekly show. It was a bold move but the one I needed to get my train to finally pull out of the station!


The network I have built since reading Never Eat Alone is like a fractal. Every time I look at it the thing becomes more intricate. Every time I measure it, it gets longer. I know that there are so many things in this book which will factor in over time so I definitely keep it in a prominent place on my bookshelf.

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  1. Sky on May 11, 2016 at 2:27 am

    For me, eating with friends and colleagues would be a way off from which I am isolated from others.

    And somehow, having meal seems to be a way to reconnect people , from old friends to old colleagues. After they occupied your life in some part ifbthr life u work, u study, etc, your connection can vanish whenever u dont spend time with them. And meal is the initial fix for that.

    Meanwhile, getting genuine connection would be a word meaning so much as it falls onto the question of friendship built on benefit and trading of things. Somehow its still recommendable to be having meal even out of benefit would harm u, but its still the meal out of strong and genuine friendship that let u enjoy most.

    • Agent Kai on May 12, 2016 at 1:41 am

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think anyone should have to eat alone!

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