Mohammad: How He Can Make You Extraordinary

muhammad_book_cover1Author(s): Hesham Al-Awadi

Published: 2016

Report Published: 30th November 2016

Quake Magnitude: 1.5

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Field Survey

This book is an interesting and rather unique look at the life of the Prophet Mohammed – unique in the sense that instead of focusing on his feats from a historical perspective, it emphasises how a Muslim’s love for him should spur them into action and support their personal growth and development.

Taking each decade of Mohammed’s life and comparing it to the universal realities of every human being on the planet, regardless of geographical location, time of birth, race or religion, is a very refreshing and innovative feature, which many will find helpful. Why? Well, it allows the reader to look for sources of inspiration and integrate them into their daily life.

My main disappointment is the title, which I find misleading. Given its focus, in terms of both style and content, on raising children into effective adults, I feel you will get very little out of this book if you don’t have any. If you are a Muslim parent, however, this book is a much needed addition to your library.


When we tell you not to lose your temper as much, or to quit smoking, or to watch your weight, we mean to change your attitude that is making you lose your temper, smoke or eat too much.

People change their convictions and habits when they are affected on the emotional level more than when they are affected on an intellectual level.

People are not inherently hesitant about change itself, but fear the pain that accompanies it.

QUAKE Moment

Personally, I didn’t experience a QUAKE moment, although I do think the quotes I listed in the Highlights section are excellent and will change lives. They also have got me thinking…

I enjoyed the fact that the author managed to find a new perspective, which I believe gives us important insight into Mohammed, the human being who rose to become a prophet. I also think that this book will result in better interactions and appreciations within Muslim families.

I don’t know, I guess I couldn’t get past the title or description, which led me down the garden path a little bit. I was really looking forward to a book that really addressed and fully encompassed the title, but in reality it didn’t exist. It is hard to bounce back from that!


Well, I did manage to share my concerns with Hesham Al-Awadi about the need to write the book I thought I was going to be reading. And, he did reply :). So who knows, maybe I will get a second book of his to read.

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