How to Make Money Blogging


Author(s): Bob Lotich

Published: 2010

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 2.0

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This book as small as it is, represents the nuts and bolts basics that Born to Blog needs to have incorporated into a final chapter or two. One thing is deciding whether or not you can continually write good content, the other thing is about knowing the practical steps involved in providing an online platform for your readers.

Before you set out on your blog and all the investment (time and money) it entails, be kind to yourself and devote 30 minutes to this read. If you are new to the blogging experience it might save you a few days of your time and help you to iron out some of the creases before your readers notice them. For some people, reading Lotich’s basic guide will give them an informed opinion as to whether a blog really is for them. This book won’t change your life but it will explain to you blogging in a nutshell, without the fluff.

I don’t agree with everything Bob writes, especially when it comes to advertising and backlinks. This is why this book should be seen as an important stepping stone to the more technical blogging guide Technical Blogging: Turn Your Expertise into a Remarkable Online Presence, which all Field Agent bloggers absolutely must read.


“If you get to the point where you are serious about blogging and really what to make some money with it, you need to self-host your blog.”

“If you have a specific vision of what you want your blog to look like and aren’t willing to compromise on that, you will probably need the help of a programmer/designer.”

“If you’re looking for a fast way to make money, blogging isn’t it.”

Quake Moment

Realising that if you are really serious about pursuing a choice of action, however small it may seem, then one or two books aren’t always enough, especially if you want to go beyond merely doing something and onto success and finally mastery.



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