Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story

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Author(s): Steve Kamb

Published: 2016

Report Published: 10th May 2016

QUAKE Magnitude: 5.0

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Field Survey

Written by Steve Kamb, leader of The Rebellion over at Nerd Fitness, Level Up Your Life uses gaming, book and film references to encourage people to put down their game pads, swivel away from their computer screen (if only for a little while) and take up the challenge of playing their character in the greatest RPG ever made – life!

Level Up Your Life is not just a book, it is the ultimate walkthrough which will help you collect power ups, defeat end of level bosses (dead end jobs, unhelpful relationships, lack of confidence) and gain the ultimate reward of your choice: a globetrotting backpack adventure, the ability to strum on the banjo, a cute French girlfriend or those elusive handstand push-ups. Steve shows in his own life that should you work hard and smart enough, you can even have them all, as long as you are prepared to sacrifice materialistic desires and severely reduce your underpants collection (once you have read the book you will know what I mean).

This really is one of the most interesting takes on self-improvement and development I have ever come across. Steve understands instant gratification and gaming addictions, which is a great support mechanism and should get even the most sedentary of “nerds” to level up in their “Epic Quest of Awesome”.

How you choose to improve your skillset and mindset is really up to you! There is something for everyone. So if you are looking to become the next Jason Bourne or Natasha Romanoff, hurry on down to the bookstore, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride…


“In real life I was a skinny twenty-something, with no savings, no true direction and mounting social anxiety. In a game world though, I could slay freaking dragons.”

“Your current life is a result of the role you’ve played up to now in The Matrix that is built around you.”

“If you want to do extraordinary things and you plan on standing out from the crowd expect to be judged for it.”

QUAKE Moment

I know that if I had stumbled across this book nine months ago, the ensuing bookquake would have hit me like a freight train. Consequently, it is one of those books that I thoroughly recommend because, I know in hindsight, how helpful it would have been to my own journey…

Further, if any of you have found my encrypted secret message, you will have already realised that the QUAKE Books organisation exists to break people out of The Matrix. So building bridges with the Rebels over at Nerd Fitness will be a great way to train those Agents who work in our HQ, as programmers, server maintenance staff, lab based researchers and intelligence officers… it would also give the Rebels a heads-up on bookquakes going on in their area.


Well, I will never look at gamers in the same light again. I have a new found appreciation of their struggles with instant gratification and I now understand why the gaming world can be so attractive. I only hope that QUAKE Books can help gaming Field Agents to apply their skills to the RPG of life.

Regarding bridges with The Rebellion, give me time and I will see what I can do!

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