Key Person of Influence (Revised Edition)


Author(s): Daniel Priestley

Published: 2014

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 4.0

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Field Survey: The Key Person of Influence works on the premise that most of us will reach a certain ability or age and feel the need to take the reins of our life instead of drifting to where life seemingly wants to take us. Priestley states we should stop acquiring more skills or initiate job hopping tendencies, if they don’t ultimately support a set of highly focused and effective strategies and actions within his five step framework (Pitch, Publish, Product, Profile and Partnership), something he believes will take us into the top of our profession.

This book and the advice shared within it appears to be for the general reader, that is to say an individual looking to grow his or her personal brand (including blog), as opposed to the more ambitious entrepreneur. It is therefore a valuable read for the self-employed person looking to take his or her business up a notch, but not particularly suitable for anyone looking to go beyond that. For those that are considering the entrepreneurial lifestyle but are far from certain, this book is a good stepping stone.

I don’t agree with everything Priestley writes because I think that encouraging people to publish when they haven’t necessarily worked on their writing skills or found a specific market to sell to is a huge time investment, and opportunity cost, that provides little in the way of return. This is evidenced by the fact that some of the books published as part of the KPI programme and mentioned in this book only have four reviews on Amazon, including one written by Priestley himself, and no substantial internet presence elsewhere. One of the difficulties of writing for the more general reader is that they will struggle, if not extremely committed, to effectively work on some aspects presented.

That said the advice is generally sound and the questions he asks poignant. It is definitely one to read if you feel that you are not getting what you want out of life but don’t know where to start or should you want to take your “one man band” to the next level.


“Prior to committing to something half your resourcefulness is working on overtime on why this is NOT a good idea. Resourcefulness shows up after you make a commitment, not before.”

“The spirit of partnership generates a multiplier effect. Rather than two people competing over how to slice a pie, they work together to build a bakery and produce more pies than they know what to do with”

“You will be an elderly person in an eldercare home and finally realise that had you just gone for what you wanted, you would have had it.”

QUAKE moment

They say pictures paint a thousand words and my QUAKE moment came very early on thanks to a cartoon sketch. This sketch is of a fresh graduate still in his gown. Upon receiving his degree he says “I am ranked 23,000,000th in the world.” That was a wake-up call because let’s face there aren’t 23 million empty job positions waiting for me that I COULD do, let alone that I would LIKE to do. This little tremor moved me to reflect on what value I had already built and what I should create. In all honesty, I probably saved three weeks of my life and a lot of “brain space” in just doing what I wanted and needed to do, rather than thinking ways out and around it. The speed at which Priestley made me transition from thought into action is an asset.


There are some parts of this book that I know I will go back to and grow into as I refine my personal brand (what I am about as a person, not QUAKE books). The questions and exercises are also something I will need to repeat every so often to ensure that I strategically align my objectives and actions.

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