How to Get a Job You Love 2015-16

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Author(s): John Lees

Published: 2014

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 5.7

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John Lees is the author of various career-related books and is the UK’s answer to and student of the U.S. career expert Richard Bolles, a combination which along with his successful career service company gives him all the right credentials, when it comes to writing a career book with bite!

This book is one those that you wish you had stumbled on earlier and I know if I had done so the ensuing bookquake would have been so much stronger. Needless to say, Lees packs a lot of punch into this edition, first addressing the issue of mindset, by dedicating a good chunk of time to debunking second hand and stale (or just plain wrong) “advice” that you really need to put right, in order to move up and move onto that life changing eureka. Once that all-important reset button has been pushed, he moves onto how to get the most of out of your new found mentality with handy tips and strategies that will have you galvanised and sufficiently equipped to turn that elusive dream job into a workable reality.

In short, How to Get a Job You Love is an absolute must buy for anyone trying to crack the UK/European job market, something which What Color is your Parachute? doesn’t address, given its North American focus. Thus, if you are predominantly based on that side of the Atlantic then Bolles would still be my number one choice. In any case, Lees’ book is a great stocking filler or birthday present for any friends and family members struggling to find their vocation or should they just need a foothold in this testing job market.


“We are good at avoiding career responsibility, so the recession has become the nation’s new favourite excuse for passive career behaviour.”

“The reason the word realistic is dangerous is because it is rarely about what is real. It’s usually second hand information, someone else’s picture of the way the world works.”

“The greatest barriers between you and an inspired career are not in the marketplace or on your CV, but in your mind.”

QUAKE Moment

Realising that other people’s misinterpretations, old fashioned attitudes and advice had caused me to shackle myself to an exceedingly narrow career path, which thankfully I quite like, was enlightening to say the least. It was not the only tremor to change my way of thinking however. Lees’ down to earth attitude and tips of the trade also helped me to mentally prepare for the activities that lie ahead of me, if I am to make Quake Books HQ and my Field Agents successful.

He certainly opened my eyes wide to the significance of acknowledging, not unlike an alcoholic at AA, that is ONLY ME that sets my limitations and dictates what I cannot or shouldn’t do!


This book is a very welcome and useful addition to my bookshelf because it means that there will be no more passive career management or predominately search engine based job searches and “solutions”. Please do let me know Field Agents what you manage to achieve, after thumbing through this book in your collection… in fact, drop me a Field Note.

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