How to Build a Billion Dollar App

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Author(s): George Berkowski

Published: 2014

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 5.7

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We all hear about the latest feats of young Mark Zuckerberg, including his mouth-watering $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, but just how easy is it to create the next big thing from the comfort of your bedroom (or even garage)?

Well it turns out, as it almost always does, really quite complex for the untrained and inexperienced, especially if you have your sight on the big time, as opposed to a little extra pocket money. So it is just as well that help is at hand with George Berkowski, the founder/CEO of IceCream App, who has crammed just about everything you need to know to get your app idea off the ground and into the record books.

How to Build a Billion Dollar App is THE definitive app guide and an absolutely essential purchase for any company or QUAKE Book Field Agent looking to cut their teeth in this insanely lucrative sector. Buying this book really is a good example of where one small strategic outlay can yield the greatest return on investment.

There really is no debate. You want to build an app? Get hold of the book. You will soon realise just how good an investment Berkowski’s text is and just how quickly your Kindle buttons are going to wear out, with all the toing and froing you going to do with this book over the lifetime of your project. Buy it or borrow it, just don’t leave QUAKE Book’s HQ without it on your way to build an app centric start-up of legend.


“There’s no point wasting time or money on an app that doesn’t get to wow.”

“Twenty-six per cent of users will open your app once and never use it again.”

“Retaining equity where and when you can will pay off down the line.”

QUAKE Moment

Right from the get-go this book severely damaged any misconceptions I had on how apps work or how one would go about building one. Apps are not for the faint-hearted or the easily discouraged, as mistakes are multiplied and with such a lean operation, few can be tolerated. Without this book however, I feel that all would be lost if any Field Agent of mine tried to launch their first app on their own – hence why I wanted to review it. QUAKE Books is as much about learning, as it is about books!

What I can say is, if any doubt exists in your mind as to how you would succeed with your app – whether that be due to distribution or how to attract venture capitalists, then stick to simply using them to make your life easier/more fun, until you have it more clearly mapped out.


I will never look at an app in the same way. Some of the book’s content is extremely useful to any entrepreneurial type venture, so I am glad I read it and that it has contributed (hopefully) to your QUAKE Books experience.

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