How to Be a Knowledge Ninja

Graham Allcott_bookcover_300x371Author(s): Graham Allcott

Published: 2015

Report Published: 26th July 2016

Quake Magnitude: 3.0

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Field Survey

Knowledge Ninja is the second book in the ninja series by Think Productive CEO Graham Allcott. Aimed predominately at the individual about to embark on a life of learning, either as a university student or as someone who has a desire to try out a new skill or hobby, it is in many ways the prologue to Productivity Ninja, which enhances office skills for the recent graduate or newly promoted CEO or team leader (who now has to manage other people’s productivity).

Knowledge is power so it goes without saying that it is something worth acquiring, in order to equip and enable. The problem is few people know how to study, and even when placed in an environment primed for that, many fail to take advantage of what’s on offer. I should know, having directed an undergraduate degree and having helped a whole host of procrastinating PhD students with their thesis – it really does appear that people don’t get better with age, but rather with purpose and practice! And that dear Agents is why Knowledge Ninja is such a valuable rucksack item!

This book should be bought, along with the university saucepan and cutlery, by every parent packing their kid off to university for the first time. It really will help them make the most out of the academic experience, cutting down on stress created by difficult, undefined, stressful or tedious tasks. And if you are too old to worry about your parents packing you off anywhere, but still want to accelerate your learning and avoid the potholes along the road when studying gets tiring or lonely, then this one is also for you…


“Ask yourself this question ‘What’s the one activity that if I did consistently for an hour an day, every day for a year, would make me more successful.’”

“Focus will almost always involve sacrifice. It will involve a thousand tiny funerals as you mourn the things you actively decide not to do.”

“The story of happiness is in many ways the story of serial neglect, as we focus on one area enough to make a difference, to the temporary detriment of everything else.”

QUAKE Moment

Unfortunately for me, this book came along too late and so its impact is limited. It did concrete some concepts I had glossed over in Productivity Ninja, such as the “power hour” but it was not a ground shaker. Now if I had stumbled across this book when I was 17 or 18 then it would have been a totally different story… but hey that’s the beauty of how we review books at QUAKE Books HQ. It is not about whether a book is good or bad, but rather how it impacts you at the time…


No doubt a few book recommendations to my students and fellow PhD students who need a little less procrastination and a lot more push!

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