Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us


Agent: Sarah Karger

Agent Activities: Marketing & Communications Director

Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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Author(s): Daniel H. Pink

Published: 2009

Report Published: 6th September 2016

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Field Survey

Drive is all about motivation. Why we do (or don’t, as the case may be) what we do. Drive draws specific distinctions about motivation. People respond and act according to certain motivations, of which Pink identifies three types.  Motivation 1.0 inspires work for those basic essentials in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, i.e. water, warmth, safety and security. Until these fundamental needs are met, things like love and self-esteem can’t fully develop. Then we have Motivation 2.0, which has been the way business has tried to motivate its employees for the last 50+ years, in other words the “If this, than that” and the “carrot and stick” type of reward. Pink goes into great detail about why such extrinsic motivations don’t typically work, and if on the off chance they do, the repercussions associated with using such techniques.

And, then we come to his Motivation 3.0, the focus of Drive. According to Pink, this is a much needed upgrade because it is a centred on intrinsic motivators; those that speak to our autonomy, mastery and purpose. This is the type of motivation that innovative businesses are waking up to and which QUAKE Book agents must employ in order to lead progressive companies!

Drive is a must-read for people tasked with the, often untaught, responsibility of leadership. Be it a boss / employee relationship or one between a parent and a child, this book is useful for anyone who has a desire to motivate people to act. Why should you buy it then? Well, understanding how people operate and how you can coax them into performing in a way that supports you, while simultaneously meeting their own needs, will benefit everyone on this planet.


“Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.”

“Children who are praised for “being smart” often believe that every encounter is a test of whether they really are. So to avoid looking dumb, they resist new challenges and choose the easiest path. By contrast, kids who understand that effort and hard work lead to mastery and growth are more willing to take on new, difficult tasks.”

QUAKE Moment

In my current position as Marketing and Communications Director for a network marketing company, I am tasked with developing programs and promotions that get people to act. Instead of spending money on advertising, the company puts that money into the pockets of people who are distributors of our products. It’s my responsibility to motivate our distributors every single day. This book has proved, beyond a doubt, why what we’ve been doing in the past hasn’t inspired those we employ and has pinpointed why our most recent event moved people more than ever and why we must use the methods explained and promoted by Pink in his book.


This book has molded me as a leader and will continue to prove useful for years to come.  It will forever change the way I motivate others.

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