Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time

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Author(s): Mark Schaefer & Stanford Smith

Published: 2013

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 1.5

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Field Survey

If you have ever thought about setting up a blog or even writing an article or a book but have never done so before, then you cannot go far wrong in investing a couple of hours, a highlighter, pad and a pencil into Born to Blog.

Schaefer and Smith focus on content and provide solid advice on how to find your voice whilst being gentle on yourself for inspiration. The bottom line is even if you are “born to blog” it must be on your terms, if you are going to give the readers, including you my fellow Field Agents, the relationship they deserve.

This book is the first of many steps an aspiring blogger should take. It is not rocket science and I do feel that the authors miss out on the nuts and bolts, such as how-to set up a domain name and website, which should be included in future editions. But hey that’s why I said it’s a first step!


“Blogging isn’t just a publishing tool, it’s a stage for our beliefs, values and dreams. It’s a place to establish our personal power and help our companies stand out.”

“A company is not a democracy and neither is a blog.”

“Your personal blog should make you feel happy, fulfilled, powerful and connected to a larger community”

QUAKE moment

You know, there wasn’t one. Born to Blog did however support my decision to dedicate time telling the world about the books that will help people grow and advance.



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