This Book Will Teach you How to Write Better


Author(s): Neville Medhora

Published: 2013

Report Published: On Launch

QUAKE Magnitude: 2.0

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Field Survey

They say you should never judge a book by its cover but in this case the exception applies. This book will really make most of you write better whilst keeping the more accomplished ones amongst us in check! This is great because I need highly skilled Field Agents to file QUAKE Reports that are short, to the point, and will get visitors who stumble by our HQ to read and get excited by life’s challenges!

And who hasn’t got 30 minutes? Yes, in only half an hour, before your coffee or tea has even got cold, you will have read a no frills, no nonsense conversation that will make you laugh so much you’ll cry. This is a clever tactic to help you remember the few golden rules for writing good copy Neville presents in his book!

Even if you take yourself (like I do) a little too seriously in your quest for sustained excellence you should read it. Sometimes you need to push the reset button in your intense physical and mental training and a book of this calibre is a great way to refresh the body and mind, learn something important and then, after a mini chillax (relax and chill out) you can go out again in search for more bookquakes or anything else that tickles your fancy.


“Brevity does not equal cheapness.”

“The words on a page can have an enormous impact on someone else.”

“If you’re greedy little monkey, like I am, then you’re interested in what the company can do for YOU!”

QUAKE Moment

There wasn’t one but this book is just pure genius. It would be criminal not to share it with the world. Definitely a book to file in the QUAKE archives. I categorised it under the “Personal Development and Philosophy” as Neville is definitely an advocate of the no B.S. variety.


As a PhD student, lecturer and academic editor I know I will be sending many of my students and colleagues hunting for this book because as Neville says “Only fools believe something must be long to be valuable.”

His advice leads me to conclude that universities aren’t only full of fools but that they go out of their way to recruit them! Hope I don’t get fired for saying that… or there might be one or two unexpected aftershocks.

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