Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

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Author(s): Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Published: 2015

Report Published: 17th May 2016

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Field Survey

Some books in this genre are merely theoretical and, ironically enough, incredibly boring with the one good message instilled in chapter one, dragged out and destroyed by the end of the book. There is only so much repetition in each and every chapter, a reader can endure. So let me assure you that Bold is NOT that type of book, nor Peter and Steven those kinds of authors!

Bold is an absolutely comprehensive roadmap, which allows you to be privy to major players in 21st century innovation and entrepreneurship. It is practical and flowing with insights that keep you one step ahead of the game, if not trail blazing the rest of the competition. The sheer volume of advice that you can implement in the right here and now, astounds me – little wonder why Quest Nutrition’s Tom Bilyeu was so adamant in our interview that I read it and use it to teach my students how to see “what’s next”.

If you want to understand flow and how to “go skunk” (you really must read this book to appreciate how important this is), then do yourself a favor, go out and get a copy.

Bold really is essential reading for those QUAKE Books Agents, with an entrepreneurial spirit and eye for change, who wish to unleash it on the business world, as much as the classroom. If you like Daniel Pink’s Drive, you are tired of being left behind, wondering “what’s next,” or like me, want to create an ultimate learning environment, this book is for you.



“Moonshots, by their definition, live in that gray area between audacious projects and pure science fiction. Instead of mere 10 percent gains, they aim for 10x (meaning ten times) improvements—that’s a 1000 percent increase in performance.”

You’re not going to push ahead when it’s someone else’s mission. It needs to be yours.”

“If your community can provide a legitimate release valve for people’s incredibly frustrated passion, you are unleashing one of the most potent forces in the history of the world.”


QUAKE Moment

My QUAKE moment was when the authors went into “Flow states,” and how to “hack your way” into them. They start by pointing out how the environment first creates optimal conditions; the first being some level of risk. They put into words how I should create, as an innovation teacher, a rich environment filled with novelty and complexity, as well as the opportunity for deep embodiment.

Next, the psychological triggers of flow were explained. THIS is where I felt the floor shake beneath my feet, because I suddenly understood the real essence of student learning so much better. The mental clarity I experienced at that moment was incredible. I could envision how goals, immediate feedback, and how an appreciation of the challenge/ skills ratio were all important elements, instrumental to how students learn at their most optimal level.

Next I stumbled upon the flow social triggers, which again gave me insight into HOW I should set up a classroom learning environment… sorry no spoilers here, if you are an educator, you simply must read this book!



The concept of flow presented in this book has made me dive head first into Steven Kotler’s work, particularly The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance. I have read this section of Bold three times now, and listened to the audio version more times than I care to admit. Each time I do so, I pick up on something new, there really are so many aftershocks involved in reading this book.

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