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5 minutes with author and podcaster David Burkus

  David Burkus, management professor, author, podcaster and June 2016 Thinker of the Month is a welcome addition to the growing Agent team we are amassing here at QUAKE Books HQ! A difficult man to track down, David challenged me to read and review his new book Under New Management back in May. It is…


5 Minutes with Mohammed Faris

As part of our Ramadan special, we at QUAKE Books welcome Mohammed Faris, Founder & Chief Productivity Officer at Productive Muslim and author of The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity. Mohammed, I first came across you as Abu Productive through your YouTube videos and later personally through two articles I wrote in connection with…


10 Minutes with author and journalist Carla Power

If there was just one book I could carry around with me on the train and at airports in 2016, it would probably be Carla Power’s If the Oceans Were Ink. Why? Because, in constructing bridges of peace, in the name of a shared humanity, it creates an intricately woven dialogue of understanding and love,…


5 minutes with Kristiane Backer

As part of our Ramadan special at QUAKE Books, I decided to read Kristiane Backer’s personal and compelling book From MTV to Mecca. It is not only an incredibly moving and intricate account of one woman’s search for meaning and sincerity, but one I believe that should be read by ALL women everywhere who are…


Q&A with authors De la Motte and Green

John Green and Bruni de la Motte are both authors and a husband and wife team that lived, worked and bought up a family in East Germany under the Socialist regime when the Berlin Wall was still standing. Having reviewed Stasi State or Socialist Paradise and discovered a lot about the realities of day to…


5 Minutes with Podcaster, Leader of all who learn, Ryan Hawk

  Ryan Hawk of the top rated business podcast The Learning Leader Show gives QUAKE Book Agents insights into the making and sustaining a great podcast, the role of a QUAKE book in your life and the genius of author Adam Grant.   1. On your podcast The Learning Leader Show you always start with…


Why Kari Gormley Invites Us All to Go Wild

Kari Gormley, founder of The Running Lifestyle and host of the Running Lifestyle Podcast discusses the major tremors that struck her whilst reading Dr John Ratey’s and Richard Manning’s soon to be classic Go Wild. She also invites you to listen to her podcast where you can hear Dr Ratey discuss at length some of…


Why Don Wettrick Loves Bold

Don, educational innovator, high schoolteacher and author of the book Pure Genius, speaks candidly to QUAKE Books as to why our Agents should go out and get a copy of Pete Diamandis’ and Steven Kotler’s Bold. We invite you to continue the conversation with him on Twitter @donwettrick where he shares tips and thoughts on…


5 Minutes with Anthony Tran, Podcaster and QUAKE Books Web Designer

Even before I launched QUAKE Books a lot of friends, family and colleagues were asking me about web design, blogging and how to make a website work for a pre-existing small company, start-up or entrepreneurial style hobby. So what better way to answer your questions then to ask QUAKE Book’s web designer and friend Anthony…


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