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Rainbow Confessions of a Ghost Writer

As a writer, you are constantly told to find your inner voice, the fire that burns inside of you, the story that only you can tell in an expression of utter authenticity and cathartic release. That is, after all, the worthy pursuit of the American novelist, hey it is the common sense advice that any…


10 Minutes with Graham Allcott

Graham Allcott, author of Productivity Ninja and Knowledge Ninja, podcaster and CEO and founder of Think Productive, a consultancy firm that offers productivity coaching, workshops and training to a whole host of corporations and charities including JP Morgan, Ebay, Vodafone and Paypal joins us at QUAKE Books HQ to talk about the art of stealth…


Vlog: Why Tom Bilyeu Loves Mindset

Sometimes all it takes is one QUAKE book. For Tom Bilyeu, as co-founder and President of Quest Nutrition, the greatest bookquake ever to have registered on our scale was Carol Dweck’s Mindset. So it is with great pleasure that I welcome Agent Tom into QUAKE Books HQ… so Tom it is over to you.    …


5 minutes with author Nick DiNardo

It is with great pleasure that I welcome author, podcaster and performance coach Nick DiNardo into QUAKE Books HQ. Nick, we have known of each other’s work for quite some time now, but for those who don’t know you so well I devised a brief question and answer session, focused on your book The Game…


5 minutes with author Antonio Cangiano

I am very excited to introduce this week’s visitor to QUAKE Books HQ, Antonio Cangiano, author of Technical Blogging, blogger over at Programming Zen and the man indirectly behind the professional and sleek headquarters you are currently enjoying. Without further ado, this interview is for all those QUAKE Books Agent out there looking to establish…


5 minutes with author John Lees

During my reading and reviewing of How to Get a Job You Love, I can honestly say I learnt a lot. In the months that have since followed, I have put into practice some fundamental concepts involved in career development and job market positioning, which have helped me both as an academic and as a…


5 minutes with psychologist and behavioural finance expert Daniel Crosby

It is with great pleasure that we, at QUAKE Books, invite Daniel Crosby, a psychologist, behavioural finance expert and author of The Laws of Wealth to our headquarters to talk wealth, its laws and any obstacles our readers need to be aware of in order to obtain and maintain it. The Laws of Wealth is…


5 minutes discussing Colombia with journalist Richard McColl

Hello Richard and thank you for joining us at QUAKE Books HQ. We first met in Bogotá in Colombia back in 2014, just before we did an interview together on your weekly podcast Colombia Calling and we have kept in touch since then because of our relatively unusual love affair with Colombia. But for those…


Why Reading is the Closest Thing to Time Travel

We all know we should read. We all instinctively know that reading is somehow good for us. We know that reading provides us with knowledge and that the pen and book are absolutely fundamental to our growth and development. Despite this general consensus within society, and even among the most avid Tom Bilyeu and Ryan…


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