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You won’t see pictures of me plastering the walls because I am not the protagonist. But you, my fellow field agents are! My vision is that QUAKE books supports your renaissance triggered by books and the miles of text contained within them. I certainly hope that QUAKE books inspires you to write, for yourself and those closest to you, a bigger role in the play we call life.

That said just in case you really want to know more about me, my name is Kai. I am a PhD student based in Lisbon, Portugal, where I research exergy economics (yes, you read it right) and look at from a techno-optomist viewpoint explore sustainable solutions for continued development in a world without fossil fuels. I have a cat called Fleas. I support Jacksonville Jaguars and Leyton Orient. I force myself to exercise every day and I don’t take sugar or milk in my tea, which is very unusual for a man originally from London. I guess you will find out more about me as this blog progresses.

You can keep me updated on your field observations by chatting to me on Twitter @KaiWhiting or alternatively, and if you would like to recommend me a QUAKE book then please don’t leave before filling out a QUAKE REPORT.

You may also email me here: kai@quakebooks.net


Why did I become a QUAKE field agent?

When I began my PhD I took a long hard look at myself and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t using my skills and knowledge to get more out of life. What is the point of any kind of education (or anything else for that matter) if it does not mean anything to you and get you where you wish to go?

My first QUAKE book was Tony Horton’s “The Big Picture” which gave me a sense that somehow I wasn’t seeing it and certainly not living it. I subsequently read more books and changed my habits so I was primed to learn and improve.

I have hemiplegia, a disability which, until that point, I used to hide my inadequacies. But the person who was suffering most from that attitude was me. I opened up my mind to a new way of thinking and acting. I took responsibility for my position in life and stopped the blame game. At the same time I started watching Tom Bilyeu’s Inside Quest a show where he would ask those he interviewed, “What is your Quake Book?” Inspired I wrote to him, via his personal assistant Cindy, and listed many of the QUAKE books I had read and why they had changed me. His response led to the sprouting of a seed that had existed in me for years. And so the blog was born.


Final thoughts…

My grandma had a 1950s medicine book that she would consult when she didn’t feel well. It was the last thing she looked at before she went into hospital in January 2016. I knew she used this book and what it meant to her but because I didn’t yet fully understand the value of QUAKE books, I didn’t buy her an updated version. I only thought about it. It was the last book she ever looked at. Please don’t underestimate the opportunity cost of not having the right book on your bookshelf.

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